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適用范圍Application Range


XG2T7-12 Indoor environmental protection gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear (hereinafter referred to as RMU) is a kind of complete equipment which seals all the main circuit switches in a metal enclosure using N2 gas or dry air as its insulating medium. It has two basic functional units, one is load switch cabinet (C compartment), the other unit is vacuum circuit breaker cabinet (V compartment). It is applied in the ring network power supply of 12kV power supply line or dual radiation power supply. Especially suitable for industrial and commercial area or rural area where required for high-density power supply load and cable feeder power grid. In addition, RMU is safe SF6-free, not affected by climate, easy installation, less maintenance and spate saving. It is perfectly suitable to install in a compact substation and can be flexibly combined by the busbar extension.

產品特點Product Features











Green and environment-friendly: It uses N2 gas or dry air as the main insulating medium, no greenhouse gas emission. The product material can be recycled more than 90% after the end of its life cycle.

Strong environmental adaptability: A11 high-pressure components are sealed in the inflatable metal enclosure, thus it has the stable insulation performance, especially for high altitude, cold, humid, dirty and other harsh environment.

Safe and reliable: It adopts the micro-positive pressure gas insulation to prevent moisture infiltration; It can sti11 be safe and reliable under the zero gauge pressure; Equipped with three-position switch observation window. The status of disconnector and earthing switch can be observed directly; High reliability electrical components.

Maintenance-free: The vacuum interrupter has a long service life and maintenance-free; The high voltage insulating parts are not affected by the external environment, and aging-resistant.

Economic: It retains the size-advantage of SF6 switchgear to reduce the space requirement and minimize the operating cost.

Modular Design: Circuit breaker (or load switch) and three-position disconnector are designed integrally; Circuit breaker mechanism and three-position disconnector mechanism are modular and intergrated design; It adopts modular plug-in technology to realize the electrical connection between each functional compartments or air boxes,thus it is very convenient for the on-site installation, and very flexible to realize different types of electrical wiring diagrams;

Intelligentize: besides the basic microcomputer integrated protection function, lt also can provide data collection and detection functions for gas pressure, temperature, micro-water and current, voltage etc., and has a friendly interface.

Miniaturize: Product Overall Dimension (width*height*depth):400(500)mm*1640mm*860mm.

Availability: It offers two options of upper isolating and lower isolating for users to choose. It can realize cable-side earthing switch directly to close, It complies with the "five-prevention" operating procedures put forward by Ministry of Power, also in line with the user's operating habits.

High electrical parameter: circuit breaker cabinet with rated current up to 1250A, breaking current 31.5kA and altitude lower than 3000 meters.


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