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適用范圍Application Range


XGZ10-40.5Switchgear is a kind of composite apparatus which seals all the main circuits switches in a metal enclosure and uses SF6 gas as arc-extinguishing and insulation medium. It is suitable for RMU and double radiation power supply in 40.5kV power supply circuit, which can change the original way of single radiation power supply. The product is especially suitable for industrial and commercial zones or rural area, which have high-density power supply load and use cable feed network. Meanwhile, the RMU has the advantages of safe operation, no weather influence, easy installation, little maintenance and space saving, which is suitable to be installed in box-type substation and wind generator tower. The RMU can be flexibly combined by the extension of bus bars.

產品特點Product Features


With load switch, switch-fuse combinations, circuit-breaker functional units, complete functions.Small volume, light weight, the single minimum volume is 500*1000*1750(mm), which is suitable for the use of wind driven generator.Easy to operate, use and maintain, maintenance-free for 30 years.RMU is fully sealed, without any exposed live parts, andcan be operated in harsh environments for a long time.If required, the operating mechanism compartment can reach IP67, suitable for use in high salt fog areas, such as offshore wind power applications.


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