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適用范圍Application Range


FZ16-40.5, FZ16-40.5R is suitable for AC 50Hz, rated voltage of 40.5kV power grid, it can be suitable for the breaking the load current, overloading current and short circuit current. XGZ16 is especially designed for 40.5kV substation, a small secondary substation, it is especially for control and protection of the transformer terminal, it is choice for wind turbine power transmission grid equipment. 

產品特點Product Features

1. 為了防止因滅弧室、熔斷器的故障,而影響其它回路的正常運行,在滅弧室前安裝了可見的隔離斷口,并且分成兩部分安裝在不同的隔室內,出現問題時,就可以安全放心的進行維護和檢修,而其它回路還可正常的工作,提高了用戶的工作效率,方便維護和檢修。且熔斷器與隔離開關分別安裝在開關的左右,更換熔斷器時,分開滅弧室打開隔離開關后,高壓側與檢修人員有充足的安全距離,更加方便和安全。
2. 滅弧室采用固封極柱,采用的固封極柱系通過先進的自動壓力凝膠工藝(APG),將真空滅弧室和主回路其它零件直接固封在環氧樹脂內,這不僅美化了極柱的裝配工藝,防止真空滅弧室導電回路連接螺栓由于運行中的振動而導致的松動,提高了可靠性,而且使真空滅弧室外表面而不受外部機械力和外部環境(如灰塵、潮氣、污穢、高海拔、小動物)的影響,進一步改善了極柱的電場分布狀況。
3. 負荷開關與隔離開關獨立動作,但兩者具有可靠的機械連鎖,防止了誤操作的發生。
4. 安裝了專用的彈簧操動機構,合閘功靠儲能彈簧來保證,既可電動又可手動儲能,省力便捷,還能實現自動化控制。

1. In order to arc prevent extinguish chamber and fuse failure to affecting the normal operation of other circuits. The visible isolation fracture is installed in front of the arc extinguish chamber, divided into two parts and installed in a different compartment, when problems arise, you can carry out the security maintenance and repair, other circuits can also be in normal work to improve the user efficiency and easily maintained and repair. And fuses and isolation switch are mounted at each side of the switch, when replacing the fuse, after separating arc extinguish chamber and opening the isolation switch, there will be adequate safety distance between the high pressure and maintenance personnel, it is more convenient and secure.
2. Arc extinguish chamber adopts the solid seal poles, through advanced automatic pressure gel (APG) to directly solid seal the vacuum arc extinguish chamber and other components of the main circuit in epoxy resin, which not only beautify the pole assembly process, but also to prevent the vacuum vacuum arc extinguish charmber conductive circuit connection from loosing the bolts due to the vibration, and improving its reliability, and the vacuum arc extinguish charmber outdoor surface cannot be effected by the external mechanical force and the external situation (such as dust , moisture, contamination, high altitude, small animals), only through this way it will further improve the electric distribution of the pole.
3. Take the load switch and isolation switch to respectively operate, but both have reliable mechanical interlock to prevent the malfunction occurrence.
4. Have installation of special spring mechanic and closing function depends on storage spring, which can operated by motor and manual, it is not only labor-saving and convenient,but also to achieve automatic control.

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