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適用范圍Application Range


VT15 series indoor AC high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is suitable for three-phase AC 50 Hz, 12 kV system. It can be used for industrial and mining, power plants and substations as load current, overload current and fault current. It is also suitable for frequent operation.

產品特點Product Features



VT15 series indoor AC high voltage vacuum circuit breaker adopts front and back arrangement structure, which is fixed on the inner and outer walls of the inflatable compartment. The circuit breaker adopts horizontal structure and is placed in SF6 gas room, which is conducive to the heat dissipation of the main circuit and can meet the requirements of insulation coordination. The electrical connection of the main circuit adopts fixed connection and has high reliability.

The operating mechanism adopts the spring operating mechanism specially designed for this new type of circuit breaker, which is installed in the circuit breaker frame. Its structural characteristics are more suitable for the front and back layout of the circuit breaker, and become an integral part of the overall structure of the circuit breaker. The design of the mechanism is simple, and the output curve is well matched with the requirements of the arc extinguishing chamber.


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