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適用范圍Application Range

Mainly used for breaking, closing load current and short circuit current of the power system for substations, mining enterprises and urban and rural distribution grid protection and control, it is a perfect device for urban and rural network reformation.

產品特點Product Features

1. 操作靈活,方便:本產品為電動儲能、電動分合,同時具有手動儲能、手動分合;
2. 開斷性能優越:開斷額定短路電流達30次;
3. 操作功率小,可靠性高:全新設計的小型電動彈簧機構,機件數目和操作功都降低到最低水平;
4. 安裝方式靈活:可采用柱上吊裝或坐裝安裝方式;
5. 獨特的進出線方式:采用硅橡膠套管,使接線端子之間絕緣距離充裕,外絕緣特性優良;
6. 使用安全:在箱體頂部安裝有防爆裝置,即使發生意外的內部故障,也不會有高溫氣體或飛濺物泄漏出來。
ZW20A-12 uses better box-type seal structure. Interior filled with SF6 gas, with good sealing performance, and maintenance-free, the spring operating mechanic uses direct drive transmission system and multi-stage release, it has the high operating reliability; with secondary aerial socket for the electrical connection with the intelligent controller combination.
1. Flexible operation, this product is the power storage with hand-operated and automatic electric operation;
2. Superior breaking advantage: breaking short current can reach 30 times;
3. Small operation power with the high reliability; all newly-designed small size electric spring mechanism, the operation power can be decrease at lowest level;
4. Flexible installation: it can be placed on the column or hung on the column;
5. Unique in-out way of cables: using bushing to expand the insulation space between the terminals, the unique insulation characteristics;
6. Safety utilization: installation the explosion-proof device on the top of the cabinet. The high temperature gas or spatter will not be leak, even if there is accident inside.


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