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TA26 變電站綜合自動化系統


TA26 變電站綜合自動化系統



適用范圍Application Range

該系統廣泛應用于110kV 及以下電壓等級變電站綜合自動化系統、大中型廠用電綜合自動化系統、大中型廠用電低壓配電微機保護測控系統等。智能配電房自動巡檢、遠程運維系統。

The system is widely used in 110kV and below voltage substation automation systems, and medium-sized power plants integrated automation systems, medium and large plant LV distribution digital protection and monitor systems,etc. Intelligent substation automatic inspection and remote operation and maintetnance system.

產品特點Product Features

TA26 變電站綜合自動化系統為分層分布式電力保護測量控制系統,系統裝置硬件統一平臺設計,保護測控一體,高指標通過三十項國際電磁兼容抗干擾標準,產品具有性能穩定可靠、針對各類一次設備保護功能專題設計,適應性強的特點。


TAZ6000 substation automation system is the hierarchical and distributed power protection measurement and control system, the system is designed with a unified hardware platform, protection and control integrated, its high targets has been certified through thirty international EMC immunity standards, these product has the stable and reliable performance and adaptable characteristics.

The product’s background monitoring software mainly consists of the drawing module configuration, SCADA module, computer 5 prevention, man-machine interface and data report processing and other components. Optional hardware PC or workstation, with a wide range of compatibility and good portability. Software adopts a multi-threading technology, with object programming method and open database interconnected to make the parameter setting, status monitoring and data management very easy and intuitive.


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