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適用范圍Application Range


It is suitable for on-line monitoring of mechanical characteristics of high-voltage switch of various voltage levels from 12kV to 40.5kV

產品特點Product Features

1. 高性能32位單片機技術,產品的穩定性高和運算速度快

2. 保護采用14位的A/D轉換器、以及專用測量子模塊,各項測量指標達到很高的要求

3. 大容量的RAM和Flash Memory,可記錄4至10個錄波報告,記錄的事件數不少于1000條

4. 采用CAN網作為內部通訊網絡,數據信息進出流暢,事件可隨時上傳

5. 可獨立整定10套保護定值,定值切換安全方便

6.高精度的時鐘芯片,并配置有 GPS硬件對時電路,便于全系統時鐘同步

7. 配備高速以太網絡通信接口,每個裝置獨立的 IP 設置,并集成了 IEC 60870-5-103 標準通信規約

8. 獨立的RS485串行接口,為用戶提供多種網絡配置方案

9.  盡心的電氣設計,整機無可調節器件

10. 高等級、品質保證的元器件選用

11. 優異的抗干擾性能,組屏或安裝于開關柜時不需其它抗干擾模件


13. 防水、防塵、抗振動的機箱設計


1. High performance 32-bit microcontroller technology, high stability and fast operation speed

2. The protection adopts 14 bit a / D converter and special measurement sub module, and each measurement index meets high requirements

3. Large capacity ram and flash memory, which can record 4 to 10 recording reports, and record no less than 1000 events

4. Can network is used as internal communication network, data and information flow smoothly, and events can be uploaded at any time

5. 10 sets of protection settings can be set independently, and the switching of settings is safe and convenient

6. High precision clock chip, with GPS hardware timing circuit, is convenient for the whole system clock synchronization

7. Equipped with high-speed Ethernet communication interface, each device has independent IP settings, and integrated IEC 60870-5-103 standardQuasi communication protocol

8. Independent RS485 serial interface, providing users with a variety of network configuration schemes

9. Dedicated electrical design, no adjustable devices

10. Selection of components with high grade and quality assurance

11. Excellent anti-interference performance, no other anti-interference module is required when assembling the panel or installing in the switch cabinet

12. Perfect self diagnosis function

13. Waterproof, dustproof and anti vibration cabinet design

14. Debugging free conceptual design

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